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Zeitgeist revealed - by search engines

Stacey Collins
Suppose you applied for Million Pound Drop and the final question asked of you was ‘What’s one of the most commonly searched terms on the internet?’ and your choices were ‘Premiership League’ ‘Pictures of Brad Pitt’ ‘How to sleep’ or ‘What is the point of life?’. Take a guess which would you put your million pounds on?

Well done, you won/ Bad luck, you may cry now (delete as appropriate).

‘How to sleep’ is one of the most searched terms according to the latest Google zeitgeist list where the term falls sixth in the most common ‘How To’ questions.

Some of you may wish to change your searching habits after hearing that Google compiles the zeitgeist list - meaning spirit of the times - from the searching habits of the world, including you. The report provides an annual insight into popular trends, phrases, questions asked amongst other things that represent the things that meant the most to us that year.

So we may chat about famous footballers or movie stars - or even debate big issues with our friends. But the truth is all we really want is a good night's sleep.

Most of the tens of thousands who searched for ‘How to sleep’ would have been directed to the UK’s number one source of free help and advice, The Sleep Council’s page which was set up 17 years ago and has been offering sleeping tips for grateful insomniacs ever since.

For those of you who, similar to me, who have experienced seventeen colds in the space of two months, lack of sleep may be a problem. Lack of sleep is also a health issue in itself. Spokesperson of The Sleep Council, Jessica Alexander, stating  that “Sleep affects us all’ and that lack of sleep is one of the most common health issues of our times, as reflected in Google’s zeitgeist list.

So if you’re struggling to sleep, here are some of The Sleep Council’s top ten tips:

  • keep regular 'going to bed' and 'waking up' times, 
  • make sure your bed is comfortable, 
  • cut down on that coffee or tea in the evening 
  • and make a list of things to do for the next day if you have a heavy workload.

Oh dear. All this talk about sleep has made me rather tire zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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