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Dinner party dread

Stacey Collins  
Who doesn’t enjoy a good dinner party? Come Dine with Me fever seems to have spread like wildfire across the entirety of the UK with socialites stirring up a banquet of canapés and crème brûlée, friends and families fluffing up eggs for their four tiered, pink meringue towers and students saving up to buy a multipack of pot noodles to put on a ‘pucka’ pasta feast.

However, research from Weight Watchers UK has revealed that an invitation to tea is more likely to be received with dread rather than delight as 81 percent of people admitted that they worry about being asked and 85 percent of people fear hosting a dinner party.

Weight Watchers UK found that there were a multitude of factors which resulted in guests fearing a dinner invitation being dropped through their letterbox.
This included 28 per cent of those asked who admitted that they get anxious about what they should wear, 10 per cent who stress over what games they may be forced to play and many of those interviewed declaring that that they fret about the amount of calories that they would be consuming. And you thought asking your neighbours around for tea was a nice gesture…

Do not fear if you have a dinner party to attend in the near future. You don’t have to feed the dog your honey-glazed duck breasts under the table or make your excuses so that you can go and flush your fillet steak down the toilet, Weight Watchers UK have provided a tool (which can be recommended to the host) to help you enjoy your tasty food whilst still losing weight. 

The Facebook tool called the ‘Supper Club’ offers mouth-watering but nutritious recipes, motivational quotes, advice and offers to its users which you can access by clicking here.

So why don’t you check out the website for some great pointers and tips or alternatively you could just stick to watching Come Dine with Me on the television and take some joy in watching other guests try and subtly place their stuffed pork belly into the plant pot centrepiece.

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