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In a fizz about teen soda

‘Children who drink fizzy drinks regularly are more likely to carry a gun’ is a headline you’d expect to see in newspaper Make-Believe. However, a recent study has claimed that teenagers who consume large amounts of soft drink are more likely to display violent tendencies. My eyebrows aren’t raised in scepticism at all...

Women choose best birth-days?

It’s almost that time when rules are abandoned for just one night. The night when it’s perfectly acceptable to dress children up as human-eating zombies, send them off to talk to strangers and get them to collect and then eat as many sweets as possible. It’s also that one time of year when residents overlook the fact that their neighbour has come to their door disguised as a child in a bid to collect as many sweets as possible. It’s Halloween time!

Feeding the toddler

By Baby Blogger Kate Richards
I've often wondered whether Ben's getting the right amount of food at mealtimes. There's a lot of information on what to give him, but less on portion sizes and the overall amount he should be having each day. He generally eats however much I give him, but I think he's just easy-going that way.

Happy World Food Day

Stacey Collins
Happy Blog Action Day/World Food Day! Today is the day that bloggers unite across the globe to talk about food. It’s no secret that I am a big see-food fan (I see food and eat…all of it) and so this topic appealed to me, especially as it’s for a good cause. In fact, it's an issue that could not only affect countries away such as Africa or India, but an issue we could all face in the future.

An excuse to eat chocolate

I am proud to take part in Blog Action Day Oct 16, 2011
#BAD11  Stacey Collins
The internet is encumbered with negative articles about the way chocolate will ravage your body and when combined with Kate Moss’ ‘Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels’ saying, many feel that chocolate should be a once a year Easter treat. So, when once in a blue moon an article arises that promotes the effects chocolate has on your mind, body and soul, it is the perfect excuse for a visit to the nearest corner shop for that Twirl you’ve had your eye on for the past week (or in my case, past few hours).

Shopping for nearly new

By Baby Blogger Kate Richards
One of the really useful resources for parents that I've come across is the National Childbirth Trust, now usually just known as the NCT. It's the UK's largest charity for parents. The first time I gave it a second thought was during pregnancy, when I considered doing their antenatal course. However, the local NHS sessions were so good I decided there was no need (plus you have to pay!)

Real good reality star

It’s official, reality television has taken over. As soon as the television is turned on, you may find yourself skipping from Made in Chelsea to Big Brother, from Educating Essex to The Only Way is Essex and now X-Factor is back, reality television's taunting will continue mercilessly whether you like it or not.

One year on - highs and lows

By Baby Blogger Kate Richards
Strange as it seems, Ben has been around for a whole year already! Time certainly flies, as they say, very often in relation to children.

When he was small I kept being told by people in shops to make the most of it as "it doesn't last long". Well it does feel a long time when you're up half the night (I thought but didn't say). But now I know exactly what these well-meaning strangers meant.

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