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'Macho' women

Stacey Collins

How would you describe yourself in the work place? Focused ? Fierce? Feminine? Well recent research has shown that women who display behaviours associated with men could face set-backs in the workplace.

Catapulted into weaning-age confusion

Kate Richards
So there I was, armed with the research "evidence" to fend off the grandparents' subtle and not so subtle hints that four month old Ben should be having solid food by now. With impeccable timing, a huge media storm erupted claiming that exclusive breastfeeding could be dangerous. What to do?!

My first thoughts were a mixture of

Does Lady Gaga represent Lady Global in the 21st century?

Stacey Collins
In a hundred years time when the world has succumbed to artificial intelligence and robots are used to enforce a totalitarian government, what will the 21st century be most remembered for?

Although we are only ten years in, the war on terrorism, the Banksy phenomena, mainstream multiculturalism, the rise of the social network in our digital age, growing globalisation, the emphasis and acceptance of sexuality with the abolishing of the ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ rule are already trending topics across the globe.

Breast-feeding review pledge

Laura Johnson
British health officials have promised to review official guidance on breast-feeding following criticisms from one medical expert.

The criticism of the British breast-feeding policy provoked a furious row last week. Midwives say it undermined efforts to encourage women not to resort to formula milk.

Pretend friends

Stacey Collins
I was devastated this week that my twenty three year old childhood cuddly toy, Puppy, also affectionately known as Rat after years of love and wear, decided to shed its legs. Thankfully, a needle and thread were on hand and I was able to restore him to his previous form (although several inches shorter as sewing has never been my forte).

Teething time!

Kate Richards
Much sooner than expected, it appears that Ben has started teething. The first sign was non-stop crying on New Year's Day - not the best start! In the evening my husband researched his symptoms and Ben had them all:

crying that seems due to pain;
dribbling (more than usual!) and chewing on fingers;

New Year, New Resolutions

Stacey Collins
Hands up if you started this year with every intention of 2011 being the year that you actually stuck to your New Year’s resolutions, yet somehow, yet again, that chocolate HobNob just managed to attach itself

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