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Happy New Years Eve

Stacey Collins 
Weeks of planning, buying and hard work for just 24 little hours and then just as quickly as it arrived, Christmas is yet again over for another year. Before any recovery from Christmas day could be made, the boxing day sales were thrown upon us and people found themselves relenting to the constant nagging of DFS and their ‘Hurry to our three day only sales’ - that actually occur every three days throughout the year.

Merry Christmas to Womens News UK readers

Stacey Collins 
Merry Christmas Eve; I trust that the biscuits and whisky are out, you’re several stone heavier from the lead-up festivities and that you’ve already unwrapped and then re-wrapped the presents under the tree as you surrendered to your curiosity. If not, then bah humbug.

Christmas is coming

The best Christmas ever!
By Baby Blogger Kate Richards
Well the run-up to Christmas has certainly been different this year with a toddler! I've met several Santas already (often female), sang a lot more carols, and re-decorated the tree on a nightly basis. The baubles are often to be found stashed away under the rocking horse (of course, where else?), but strangely, the presents haven't been interfered with at all.

Ben has been to three Christmas parties so far, wearing a gorgeous but highly flammable looking red robe with pointy elf-style hood. He's developed a quite grown-up taste for mince pies, and a suitably child-like love of flashing Christmas lights.

Cheers to the Winter Solstice

Stacey Collins
The day has finally arrived. No, I’m not dishing out the turkey or unwrapping the presents three days early but instead celebrating Winter Solstice. My celebrations may only stretch to treating myself to chocolate in bed as a replacement for my usual Special K Strawberry and Chocolate cereal (see previous articles about my chocoholic tendencies) but at least it is being acknowledged.

Have you done your Christmas shopping yet?

Forget dating websites or social meet-ups to find out about a person’s character; Christmas time allows for the perfect opportunity for personality analysis. There is just one question that need be asked to find out about someone’s personality… Have you done your Christmas shopping yet?

Have you bought the latest XRC6 Humongous Hairy Huminator yet?

As Christmas draws near, it’s hard to remember that not everyone feels the merriment of the day in their fingers and in their toes. Despite the repetitive ‘oh no, where have my parents gone?’ of Home Alone 15 (shouldn’t social services be involved by now?), the festive wrapping of presents (minus the chocolates you bought, Auntie Win wouldn’t like them anyway), and the leftover turkey menu- turkey dinner, turkey sandwiches, turkey casserole, turkey and rice, turkey chilli, turkey soup, Christmas for some is not a day of celebration.

Brits gets 'nul points' for their top ranking on Europe's obese list

Just a couple of weeks ago I wrote an article about how Debenhams had analysed their underwear and nightwear sales and concluded that it was Birmingham that boasted the best bodies. However, a recent report has stated that the women of the United Kingdom are the ‘fattest’ in Europe.

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