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Potty training - already?

By Baby Blogger Kate Richards  
In an unconventional and unexpected move, Ben appears to have started potty training himself.

I bought Ben a potty a couple of months ago, mainly under pressure from my mother-in-law, and it has since resided unnoticed in the bathroom. Then a few days ago, Ben decided to sit on it (the wrong way, round, but still) and was, um, successful! Since then, he's made a habit of using it after his evening bath.

While I'm very glad and impressed, I'm not planning to launch into official potty training just yet. Firstly, at 23 months, he' still a bit young, not to mention unable to pull down his trousers by himself, and secondly, I'm not keen to still be on the throes of it when the new baby arrives (the poor carpet!).

Olympic fashion

 Is this the shape of Olympic fashion? Swimsuit makers Speedo have produced this gown made from off-cuts from swimming costumes produced for competitors from Team GB, from the USA, Australia, Germany, Spain, Japan, Canada, Netherlands and Israel.

A spokesman explained: "The dress is influenced by sunsets, sea and waves for a look that reflects the oceans which connect the competing nations at this summer's global event."

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