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Talking about talking

 By Baby Blogger Kate Richards
Fortunately, and possibly because I natter on constantly to him, Ben's speech seems pretty advanced for his age, or at least nothing to worry about. There are a few words his mispronounces - such as "wadigal" for triangle - which I find endearing.

But a couple of my friends have had concerns about their little ones' language skills. As with any other area of development, there is a wide range of what's considered normal for each age group.

Holidays benefit our health!

Tara Wilkins
We all love a good holiday, whether that be lying on a warm beach for a week or hiking up a mountain. Getting away from everyday normality, forgetting about work and the stresses in our lives for a much needed break always leaves us feeling refreshed.

I become a Mum of two

By Baby Blogger Kate Richards 
Life has been pretty crazy this past 12 weeks! Having two small children certainly doesn't leave much chance for reflection. I could write pages and pages, if I only had the time (and energy). But for now, I'll just concentrate on the birth.

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