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Celebrity overload?

Tara Wilkins
You may think it an odd subject for a University to have an entire module on, but the study of ‘Celebrity’ in film and media courses is becoming very popular.

 Just last week the Inaugural Celebrity Studies Journal Conference was held in Australia where over 120 delegates met from around the World and subjects such as celebrity philanthropy, ‘queer’ celebrity, the production of celebrity and digital celebrity, feminism, political celebrity and the list goes on.

Facebook us mums - government

Women are increasingly chatting and sharing information with friends and strangers about their pregnancies on social media, surveys suggest.

Now the British  government says it backs women using sites such as Facebook to share their questions and experience - but wants them to link to its advice site.

Call to shake up early pregnancy care

The British National Health Service needs dedicated services for pregnant women who suffer serious complications in their first three months, according to guidelines published today.

The services would aim to identify and help women who may have an ectopic pregnancy - in which the baby is growing outside the womb.

The guidance from the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence also sets out new advice for GPs to help them recognise these problems.

Hospital for pregnant duchess

A senior obstetrician has explained why the Duchess of Cambridge has needed hospital treatment for morning sickness.

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