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App that aids young parents

By Baby Blogger Kate Richards
Recently I wrote about the low proportion of parents who have attended a first aid course, and how many parents feel they would struggle to cope in a medical crisis (me included).

Since then I've found out about a new app that has lifesaving advice for children and babies - the Baby and Child First Aid app - from the charity British Red Cross. It has a range of useful videos, clear advice, a 'test yourself' quiz section, and is compatible with the Apple iPhone, iPad, Apple iPod Touch and Android tablets.

Recovering from baby! - Kate to Kate

By Baby Blogger Kate Richards

Our baby blogger Kate Richards had her second baby six months ago. She was spared hours of labour but instead had to submit to a C-section. While the world focuses on Prince George, Kate shares her real experience of living with the after-effects of birth.

It's now six months since I had my caesarean section and for a good while I've felt completely normal. On balance I'd say it was more comfortable overall than my first birth, though it was quite frustrating having to take it easy for the first few weeks (I'm a natural fidgeter!)

The midwives told me not to lift anything heavier than the baby - about 8lbs - for six weeks. Well that would've been fine if I had a full-time maid! I did my best though, limiting the number of times I climbed the stairs, and being careful to turn over in bed slowly. Very fortunately I healed with no problems whatsoever.

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