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Women urged to seek birth rights

A new organisation launching today is set to campaign for "human rights" for women giving birth.

Campaigners say pregnant women are often left in misery because they do not know that they are entitled to demand treatments such as pain relief.

Women only bike ride!

Tara Wilkins
Your chance to be a DIVA!

 After having a few falls off of a bike when I was in my late teens, I decided that cycling probably wasn’t the sport for me!

 However, being married to a cycle enthusiast I have slowly been re-introduced into the activity, with a new bike (hooray) and I am pleased to write, only a few falls (even bigger hooray!) . The thing I like about cycling is it can be enjoyed with others or if you need a little personal head space, then what better place than in the park on your bike?

Broken resolutions?

Tara Wilkins
 It’s already the 11th of January! And how many of us have already failed on our New Year resolutions?

Did you have a specific New Year’s resolution this year? Was it the same one that you make every year?

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