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Call a midwife service for new mums

By Kate Richards
The midwives I encountered during both my pregnancies were almost without exception kind, professional and helpful. If a little abrupt. But this was due to an obvious shortage of staff both in hospital and in the port-natal team. It was quite impressive how they managed to cope when overwhelmed by the sheer number of us!

The midwives who visited me afterwards mentioned they were concerned that their "next day" home visits might be scrapped due to lack of cash, and mums would have to go to them instead. Well quite honestly if you factor in stitches, siblings, and exhaustion, I can't see many of us making it out of the house the very next day after giving birth. Yet this is the crucial time for needing help with breastfeeding, among other issues.

The impact of babies on my sleep

By Baby Blogger Kate Richards
Before having babies I was aware that my sleep would definitely be interrupted for the first few months, and then occasionally when the baby/child was ill or had a bad dream. It was a daunting thought but I assumed I'd get through it like other parents do.

Pondering about Time Out

By Baby Blogger Kate Richards
Time out for me that is, not the new-fangled punishment technique!

Time away from being with the children is a bit of a tricky subject, as I and many other parents struggle with admitting we need a bit of child-free time. Even when they've gone to bed in the evenings, there's a sense of still being "on call" if they need you.

App that aids young parents

By Baby Blogger Kate Richards
Recently I wrote about the low proportion of parents who have attended a first aid course, and how many parents feel they would struggle to cope in a medical crisis (me included).

Since then I've found out about a new app that has lifesaving advice for children and babies - the Baby and Child First Aid app - from the charity British Red Cross. It has a range of useful videos, clear advice, a 'test yourself' quiz section, and is compatible with the Apple iPhone, iPad, Apple iPod Touch and Android tablets.

Recovering from baby! - Kate to Kate

By Baby Blogger Kate Richards

Our baby blogger Kate Richards had her second baby six months ago. She was spared hours of labour but instead had to submit to a C-section. While the world focuses on Prince George, Kate shares her real experience of living with the after-effects of birth.

It's now six months since I had my caesarean section and for a good while I've felt completely normal. On balance I'd say it was more comfortable overall than my first birth, though it was quite frustrating having to take it easy for the first few weeks (I'm a natural fidgeter!)

The midwives told me not to lift anything heavier than the baby - about 8lbs - for six weeks. Well that would've been fine if I had a full-time maid! I did my best though, limiting the number of times I climbed the stairs, and being careful to turn over in bed slowly. Very fortunately I healed with no problems whatsoever.

Could I cope in a medical crisis?

By Baby Blogger Kate Richards
We've been very lucky with the boys' health - no major crises so far. The worst medical "emergency" we've had was an overreaction to what was a standard tummy bug (hindsight is a wonderful thing!)

When Ben was still very small I did attend a paediatric first aid course, however, that was a couple of years ago and I don't have much confidence that I could remember what to do in an emergency.

The Apprentice - Someone should be fired

 By Laura Johnson
Yes someone should be fired - for making The Apprentice a sham of a programme, the ghost of its original idea.

As you know, we've followed it closely on Women's News UK, over the years and the new idea should have worked. This was that the winner would be backed by Sir Alan Sugar to set up their own business. It should be like Dragon's Den, which has become a programme which picks real winners and losers.

Talking about talking

 By Baby Blogger Kate Richards
Fortunately, and possibly because I natter on constantly to him, Ben's speech seems pretty advanced for his age, or at least nothing to worry about. There are a few words his mispronounces - such as "wadigal" for triangle - which I find endearing.

But a couple of my friends have had concerns about their little ones' language skills. As with any other area of development, there is a wide range of what's considered normal for each age group.

Holidays benefit our health!

Tara Wilkins
We all love a good holiday, whether that be lying on a warm beach for a week or hiking up a mountain. Getting away from everyday normality, forgetting about work and the stresses in our lives for a much needed break always leaves us feeling refreshed.

I become a Mum of two

By Baby Blogger Kate Richards 
Life has been pretty crazy this past 12 weeks! Having two small children certainly doesn't leave much chance for reflection. I could write pages and pages, if I only had the time (and energy). But for now, I'll just concentrate on the birth.

Women urged to seek birth rights

A new organisation launching today is set to campaign for "human rights" for women giving birth.

Campaigners say pregnant women are often left in misery because they do not know that they are entitled to demand treatments such as pain relief.

Women only bike ride!

Tara Wilkins
Your chance to be a DIVA!

 After having a few falls off of a bike when I was in my late teens, I decided that cycling probably wasn’t the sport for me!

 However, being married to a cycle enthusiast I have slowly been re-introduced into the activity, with a new bike (hooray) and I am pleased to write, only a few falls (even bigger hooray!) . The thing I like about cycling is it can be enjoyed with others or if you need a little personal head space, then what better place than in the park on your bike?

Broken resolutions?

Tara Wilkins
 It’s already the 11th of January! And how many of us have already failed on our New Year resolutions?

Did you have a specific New Year’s resolution this year? Was it the same one that you make every year?

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