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Baby Ben's bottle battle

Kate Richards
Now, at 13 weeks, Ben's sleeping pretty well at night - for about two stretches of four hours each. We're even managing to have a proper evening because he seems happy to go down at 7pm, what a relief!

He's also starting to look like a little boy, and is much

Happy Winter Solstice

Stacey Collins
The full lunar eclipse yesterday on the 21st December was definitely worth celebrating as it also coincided with the Winter Solstice for the first time in 372 years, and that means an extra few minutes of daylight each evening… Here’s to a dramatically improved social life.

And so comes the end...

Stacey Collins
Attention… Apprentice spoiler alert. With the final going out this past Sunday, you may or may not be glad that The Apprentice has come to a close for another year and we’re now contemplating a Mystic Meg-esque job as our favourite to win was bestowed with the ultimate title of ‘The Apprentice’.

Pregnant? Get a jab - urgently!

Laura Johnson
If you're pregnant you should get the flu vaccine.

That was the powerful message yesterday after it emerged that swine flu is rampaging through Britain again.

So far as many as four pregnant women have needed intensive care after contracting flu this autumn, experts said.

Who will face Lord Sugar's firing squad?

Stacey Collins
Well that was a bit of a shock. One of our favourites to win, Liz, has been banished from the boardroom by Lord Sugar. With the tough interview episode ahead, we are left wondering how our remaining favourite, Stella, will fare.

Become a star

Stacey Collins
Ralph Lauren’s casual denim wear diffusion company The Polo Jeans Co. held an exhibition in London on the 6th December to showcase exciting young artists Art Stars. The stars were auctioned and the money raised was given to Teenage Cancer Trust to help them build specialist units in NHS hospitals.

The contemporary artists were asked to create a piece of art in the form of a three dimensional star with the iconic theme of Stars and Stripes as their subject to work with.

Are Liz and Stella still winner material?

Stacey Collins
Last week’s explosive episode of The Apprentice which was reminiscent of the first episode of boy v girl kept us on the edge of our seats when it came to the boardroom. Our favourite two contestants were at risk of being on the receiving end of the all-powerful firing finger of Lord Sugar. Thank goodness it was Laura no-Moore that was sent home.

Pregnant women want better care

Jayne Howarth and Stacey Collins
Care of women giving birth and the months before birth still needs improvement in England - although care after a baby is born may be getting better.

Those are the findings of a major - and official - survey of new mums published only yesterday.

Celebrities die a digital death

Stacey Collins
If you have been surfing the web recently, you may have been shocked by pictures of Kim Kardashian, Ryan Seacrest and Jay Sean lying in coffins holding phones. Well, do not fear readers, it’s not some celebrity plague.

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