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Happy Shrove Tuesday

Stacey Collins 
It’s that time of year when everyone begins to book their summer holidays to exotic destinations and consequently, begin to think of booking themselves into gym programmes in order to unearth their bikini bodies that need arising (or de-rising) from their winter hibernation.

For those of you who like me failed to get round to keeping their New Year’s resolution of cutting the carbohydrates down in January, you may be relieved that you get another opportunity presented in the form of Lent.

Often people, religious or non-religious, decide to give something up for Lent to test their stamina and commitment but Lent also provides people with a guilt-free day of overindulgence on Pancake Day as they prepare to give up something, usually chocolate, chips, crisps and any other words beginning with ‘c’, for the next forty days. Before you ask, no, you can’t give up something you don’t like.

With Sainsbury’s predicted to sell an extra 7.2 million eggs for Pancake Day, it would seem that most people are planning on either gorging on pancakes or scrambled egg rather than any other food for Shrove Tuesday. 

Perhaps a few million of the eggs estimated to be sold will go towards making pancakes for the Capuchin monkeys at Port Lympne Wild Animal Park near Ashford in Kent. The monkeys have been fed pancakes as a supplement to their fruit and insect diet. The monkey’s keeper said the pancakes are very healthy. I presume the monkeys like their pancakes without the syrup and ice cream then.

Happy Shrove Tuesday to you all and leave the fruit and insect pancakes to the monkeys.


Laura J said...

Come on Stacey. I'm on tenterhooks. Is it chocolate?

Stacey Collins said...

I can confirm that I have given chocolate up for Lent! Just to warn you!

Laura J said...

So that'll mean some really crabby postings!?

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