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Laura's cheap - as chips - attack on Stella

Stacey Collins
Another week, another satisfied, smug smile from ‘fluent’ German speaker Stuart. Whilst we wish Stuart Baggs ‘The Brand’ would become Stuart Baggs ‘The Banned’, we feel that the remaining women contestants are still strong competition for Lord Sugar’s future apprentice. Wunderbar!

There was an exciting few moments in last week’s episode of The Apprentice ‘Crisps’ when it looked like the bitchiness between the girls was to

Snip solves Kate's breast-feeding

Kate Richards
The latest news on ten week old Ben is that he's started to wake only once in the night. This is a fantastic development, but I'm aware it might not last - I've

Sexual assault aid pledge

Jayne Howarth and Laura Johnson
The UK government yesterday signalled a commitment to improve services for thousands of women who endure the misery of rape.

Across the country, a woman suffers a serious sexual assault on average once every ten minutes, according to Department of Health figures.

Will it be a Liz v Stella face-off?

Stacey Collins
After last week’s episode, we at Women’s News have adopted the stance that we don’t mind who wins The Apprentice, as long as it isn’t 21 year old Stuart Baggs ‘The Brand’. Give us back Paloma Vivanco any day.

Antenatal delays and patchy childbirth care

Jayne Howarth and Stacey Collins
Massive differences in the quality of maternity services in different English hospitals were revealed yesterday.

The figures showed some hospitals struggling to give women an antenatal appointment within the first three months of pregnancy.

But the extent of the differences

So who's right about baby pressures?

Laura Johnson and Stacey Collins
A row erupted today as midwife leaders accused the UK government of breaking promises to improve the care of women having babies.

Royal College of Midwives chief executive Cathy Warwick hit out at the college's annual conference in Manchester - calling for midwife numbers to be increased by 3,500.

She said: "The silence on this issue from the Government is deafening. When they were outside government they were promising much, now they are committing

Hasta La Vista

Stacey Collins
Last week's episode of The Apprentice, ‘Advertising’, led us to say au revoir to Apollo leader, Alex Epstein. Not much of a loss there although I was hoping that it would be serious Sandeesh that would be scrubbed out after week six’s cleaning advert task.

Too many mums?

Laura Johnson
More and more babies are being born in Britain - and now the country's most senior midwives say they are struggling to cope.

Top tips from a new mum

Kate Richards
I've been asked to do a presentation to an antenatal group about life with a new baby. I wasn't expecting it, so I accidently agreed!

Having asked around my mum friends, my list of "top tips" starts with the most important piece of advice - try to stay relaxed, calm, and remember there's no one right way to do it. Then there's the second crucial tip - sleep when they sleep.

Writer's frenzy!

Stacey Collins
It may sound like the cold has got us talking gibberish but NaNoWriMo is the name of the novel-writing challenge that asks its participants to write a 50,000 word novel, starting from scratch…in just one month.

National Novel Writing Month began on

Paloma palaver

Stacey Collins
Week five of The Apprentice, ‘Fashion’, seemed eerily absent of bitchiness and narcissism…that is until Paloma Vivanco took it solely upon herself to rectify this unusual peaceful phase.

Mums reject home-birth

Laura Johnson
The number of women in England and Wales giving birth at home is falling - in spite of efforts to encourage "choice", according to new figures released yesterday.

The latest figures dismayed midwife leaders, who have campaigned for more support for home births. But they may reflect controversy about the risks of home birth - including some

A new life begins!

Kate Richards
My brand new baby is already seven weeks old, and I'm just starting to find the time to take stock. It hasn't fully sunk in that I'm a parent.

Harry's invisibility cloak materialises

Stacey Collins
The flying Lexus slams into the tree with a deafening crash, resting just inches away from Alison who was thrown out of the way by her obliging robot, Rob. Yes, we’ve all watched these futuristic films and magical movies where complicated technology reigns supreme but we’ve also acknowledged that it is purely fiction. The future it may be, just not part of our future.

Well, the future is here.

'Selling Out'

Stacey Collins
So it’s Wednesday again and tonight’s episode of The Apprentice, ‘Fashion’, is only a few hour-glass figures away. With the women contestants outnumbering the male contestants even after Melissa’s dramatic departure last week, we are left wondering who will prevail tonight.

Last week’s episode, ‘Selling to Trade’, perhaps more aptly named ‘Selling Out’, showcased an assortment of female faculty and female failings.

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