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Chicken pox - sorting fact and fiction

By Baby Blogger Kate Richards
Unfortunately Ben was recently exposed to two of my nieces with chicken pox. They came down with it just an hour or so after we visited them. We had to wait for three weeks - the maximum incubation period - to see if he developed it. I was panicky when I found out, but that soon mellowed into a "nothing I can do, might as well chill out" frame of mind.

And The Personality is...

Stacey Collins
There appears to be a trend emerging regarding The Apprentice Series 6 and The Apprentice Series 7. Girls flourish at organised shopping. Boys do not.

Yes, we know the teams consisted of a mix of both male and female counterparts but it was Croydon entrepreneur Susan Ma who led her team to an eight pound victory over rival project manager Gavin Winstanley in the episode Discount Buying. And after the last episode, Sweet Susan is a set favourite at Women’s News, I mean who can’t like someone that gets excited at a penny discount?

Parents taking twins gamble less

Laura Johnson and Jayne Howarth
Women who decide to seek medical help to have children face a number of dilemmas.

One of the biggest is whether to gamble on the success of treatment by allowing doctors to implant multiple embryos. This can easily lead to twins, triplets or more.

In many wealthy parts of Britain, the number of twins and triplets has increased massively because of this.

Can Melody bring harmony?

Stacey Collins
It’s only been five months since the last series concluded, but its back and set to be as entertaining as ever. That’s right, Lord Sugar is back on our screens in his search for a budding entrepreneur to become his business partner who will have the luxury of setting up a business of their choice with Lord Sugar’s expertise and a handy cash injection of £250,000.

The episode started off with the usual smarmy, egotistical, cliché comments that we have come to expect from candidates that have managed to either set up their own business at the age of 7 or, true Lord Sugar style, started with nothing and now own twenty houses and several Gucci suits.

The aftermath

It was hard for Brits watching the Royal Wedding on Friday to not feel an ounce of patriotism as William and Katherine tied the knot in Westminster Abbey.

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