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Pregnant again!

By Baby Blogger Kate Richards
If there's been a deafening silence from me lately, the reason is I've been trying to believe and accept the idea of bringing another new addition into the family.

Yes I'm pregnant again, for better or worse!

It was always my aim to have two children, but that was planned years before I had any idea of the day-to-day reality. So I'm happy but at the same time pretty scared of juggling the needs of a toddler and a newborn.

Pregnant and smoking? See a psychiatrist

Laura Johnson
Just how? How on earth can a mother do it? How can a woman continue to be a smoker when she is pregnant?

Is it because some people are just stupid? You are bearing the most precious gift of all, a new baby. More than that - it's going to be your responsibility. You will raise that child and love it.

We may choose to harm ourselves but how can a mother choose to harm the child she bears?

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