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Facebook, getting professionals in trouble since 2004.

The social network is forever evolving. Now more than ever we have greater and finer control over who we connect with, what we share and who we share with and the chance to eliminate friend content that we have no interest in.

The Apprentice final... minus the apprentice

I believe a congratulations is in order to Tom Pellereau for winning The Apprentice for geeks, mathematicians and inventors alike. Perhaps Helen was too obvious a winner throughout the whole process to actually win it and as Lord Sugar said, if it were the old system, Helen would have walked it.

And so thus endeth The Apprentice for another year and true to old style school lessons, it remains for us to see what we have learnt from the process:

'Don't tell me the Py is the limit'

Two Apprentice articles in one week must mean the end is nigh, and indeed it is. This Sunday will mark the end of The Apprentice 2011.

Wednesday’s episode was one of those episodes when you wonder how it is that the majority of the contestants left have got through to the final few and that surely even your ten year old niece could do better (especially if they are in the middle of a history project on Atlantic voyagers).

Ben learns baby sign language

By Baby Blogger Kate Richards
For the past few months, Ben and I have been going once a week to Sing and Sign classes, in an attempt to communicate before he starts talking.

It's good fun actually, which is fortunate as he's yet to copy any of the signs. This could be due to the fact I keep forgetting to use them at home!

And the 'BBIW' Award goes to....

The episode ‘Biscuit’ of the Apprentice, and can I just say how creative the titles for each episode are, showed some tough competition for the title ‘BBIW’, the Biggest Bu…erm ‘Buffoon’ In the World, which Lord Sugar created, kind of, and awarded to Jedi Jim for his £20 million advertising fantasies. Zoe and Melody were also strong competitors.

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