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Women have the X-factor

Here’s a question that will cause some controversy in the household: who has the higher pain threshold? Men or women? Go…

The gender debate has been discussed, disputed and deliberated in its many form for centuries. In fact you could even link it back to Adam and Eve several thousand years ago.

Those Mulberry-clad pooches

Mulberry once again took over Claridges Hotel last week for the third day of London Fashion Week. The brand is renowned for its quirky themes, eclectic charm and A-list followers including Kate Moss and Kirsten Dunst and the Spring Summer 2012 collection showcase was no exception.

Crazy, Stupid, Love

We’ve all heard the saying ‘They’re driving me crazy’ and some of you may have even uttered the words yourself when talking about your other half but could your partner actually increase your chances of developing a mental illness?

Apparently so according to a study carried out in Canada, but only more so than normal if you marry as a child or teenager. Researchers at the Toronto’s Centre for Addiction and Mental Health revealed that results from a 2001-2002 United States national survey on alcohol and drug abuse and their mental disorders helped them to look at the effect of child marriage on mental health in the USA.

Glowing cats could shed light on HIV

It’s not every day you find yourself thinking of as many famous sheep as possible. Wallace and Gromit’s Shaun the Sheep sprung to mind as did the ‘Baa Ram Ewe’ sheep from Babe but it is Dolly the sheep that holds particular resonance for this article on glowing cats.

Perhaps more odd than thinking about famous sheep is writing about these glowing cats that have been produced by US researcher Eric Poeschla. Three genetically modified cats have had a virus carry green fluorescent genes into the eggs from which they grew in a bid to help with the study of HIV. The gene has its origins in jellyfish and expressed proteins that fluoresce when illuminated with certain frequencies of light resulting in a glow in the dark animal.

Blame the parents?

I remember watching a weight programme which featured a woman who was convinced that she was born to be overweight and that despite any amount of dieting or training at the gym, she could not lose the extra pounds that surrounded her stomach and thighs. She told the cameras that she had a bowl of fruit for breakfast and a healthy lunch and meal for tea and yet was still classed as clinically obese.

Ben feeds himself

By Baby Blogger Kate Richards
So now, at 11 months, Ben's eating pretty much everything we eat. He still needs to avoid honey (tiny risk of botulism), added salt, and things he could choke on like nuts, but most other foods have gone down well.
He loves his baby biscuits, which have reduced salt levels, and is currently wolfing down Cheerios. They have added vitamins, but he's probably not at any risk of deficiency as he has formula milk too, and a wide range of fruit and vegetables.

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