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Living with your parents?

Stacey Collins 
By the tender age of 8, had you planned out your whole life including the features of your husband-to-be, the age you got married and the sexes of your 2.4 children? Here’s another question, how many of you achieved your scheduled life plan within the age limits you set yourself? I know I haven’t.

Dirty little secret

Stacey Collins 
As journalists, activists and celebrity Twitterers spread the message that it was World Water Day on Thursday 22nd March, it was easy to dismiss the message as irrelevant. Surely, the day would have only been significant for the 1 billion people worldwide that live in chronic hunger partly because of the lack of clean water for themselves, their crops, livestock and livelihood.

The Apprentice - what hope for women?

Laura Johnson
Never has the female contribution to The Apprentice looked so weak.

"Pack of baying hyenas" was one of the kindest phrases applied by Sir Alan to the women's team. What a contrast with last time round when the girls stormed into an early lead led by the redoubtable Melody Hossaini.

Clock change could result in a change in health

Stacey Collins  
It is when you begin to see the ice cream vans trundling along with their enticing ‘you know you want a Mr Whippy with raspberry sauce and Cadbury’s flake’ music tinkling away that the weather must be warm enough to warrant the ice cream sellers the excuse to go out selling. The sunny days, lighter nights and longer days are already beginning to grace us with their presence and after the clock change on Sunday, we can certainly hope that it continues up until the end of the summer. I can’t promise anything though.

Happy St Patrick's Day

Stacey Collins  
It seems bizarre that the English tend to celebrate St Patrick’s Day more so than St George’s Day but boy, do businesses know how to capitalise on our love for the day. You may have noticed the influx of people wearing green leprechaun hats around the city centre, pubs flogging pints of Guiness as though it was about to go out of fashion and Google luring people to their search engine by adopting an Irish theme for their homepage doodle. Commercialism aside, Happy St Patrick’s Day.

From Louis Vuitton to Marc Jacobs

Stacey Collins  
If you’re a fan of either Louis Vuitton or Marc Jacobs, or simply need an excuse to plan a trip to Paris, France from now until 16th September 2012, you may be interested to hear of an exhibition at the prestigious Musée des Arts décoratifs which has been held to showcase the talent of both designers and how the fashion industry has changed over the years.

Good food advice for toddlers

By Baby Blogger Kate Richards
Having been poorly and off his food recently, Ben has now started eating for England. He's obsessed with baked beans (low salt of course) and banana. Makes me wonder if his fondness for banana is sentimental, as it was his first ever food... no that's just silly, isn't it?

Toddler Taming

By Baby Blogger Kate Richards  
Well we have certainly entered toddlerhood, if not the (premature) "terrible twos" with Ben this week. Granted, he has been poorly with a cold, but his grumpiness has reached terrifying new heights.

Every mealtime, bath time, going in the buggy time it's "doh doh doh" accompanied by a shaking of the head and a tragic whimpering. The only thing he agreed to eat this teatime was some of Daddy's cheap sausage roll, even refusing his usual favourite, Greek yoghurt.

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