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Wedding wonderment

Stacey Collins investigates the excitement surrounding the marriage of William and Kate
If you’re an anarchist, a member of the IRA or simply not interested in the Royal Wedding then I apologise now but we could hardly go this week without putting up an article on the special day - and here it is.

If I were asked to describe myself, Royalist probably wouldn’t be top of the list but there is a certain amount of excitement enfolded around the Royal Wedding that is hard to not get caught up in. Its prominence even makes a conversation about the colour, style and designer of Kate’s wedding dress with the check-out lady at Sainsbury's perfectly rational.

'Get Ready for Summer'

It’s that time of year where I suddenly come to the realisation that I have been going out of the house without wearing a coat for the past week or so which must excitingly mean that Spring is finally, fully here. I even become angry at my subconscious for making the transition clothing-wise from Winter to Spring without informing me- ‘You knew it was Spring, why didn’t you say?’ I guess seeing people swapping their snow boots for sandals and turtlenecks for t-shirts as a result of that British optimism we share when the slightest bit of sun appears should have been a reliable indication. The onset of hay fever should have also been another clue.

New Diet Coke design, but will the price make you bottle out of buying it?

Never thought you could afford anything designed by Chanel’s creative director, Karl Lagerfeld? Well the man with the infamous silhouette has taken time out of his collaboration with ex-editor of Vogue Paris, Carine Roitfeld, on the Chanel autumn/winter 2011 campaign and designed three stylish limited edition bottles for Diet Coke.

Our obsession with the young

As a new child prodigy/fashionista Cecilia Cassini aged just 11 years old materialises into the international public eye we have to wonder where on earth we are storing all of these celebrities. Is there a filing cabinet somewhere overflowing with star profiles of actors, sport stars, singers, dancers and politicians and as soon as someone else emerges a Z-list or aging celebrity is thrown out to make room? ‘Goodbye Gareth Gates, see you later Cheeky Girls, we’ve got to make room for Cecilia Cassini.’

Awaiting the stair-gate!

By Baby Blogger Kate Richards
A recent survey by Which? on the baby products parents find most useful has got me thinking.

The 1,005 parents rated stair gates the most useful item for their under-threes. Seeing as Ben's not crawling yet (although it looks like it won't be long), we haven't needed to use stair gates yet.

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