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Crazy, Stupid, Love

We’ve all heard the saying ‘They’re driving me crazy’ and some of you may have even uttered the words yourself when talking about your other half but could your partner actually increase your chances of developing a mental illness?

Apparently so according to a study carried out in Canada, but only more so than normal if you marry as a child or teenager. Researchers at the Toronto’s Centre for Addiction and Mental Health revealed that results from a 2001-2002 United States national survey on alcohol and drug abuse and their mental disorders helped them to look at the effect of child marriage on mental health in the USA.

After looking at the results it wouldn’t be entirely inappropriate to suggest some sort of government legislation or a health warning to fully prepare couples of the potential risk of young marriage. The study suggests that women who walk down the aisle before they turn 18 are 41 per cent more likely to develop psychiatric disorders, such as panic disorders, depression and bi-polar than those who marry slightly later.

If the results are correct that means that means that 9 per cent of females in the USA, 24,500 women, that marry before the age of 18 are at risk and developing countries such as India face a higher rate of contracting mental disorders with around half of its female population marrying before turning 18.

The study co-author and clinical scientist at the centre, Bernard Le Foll says the reason for the increased risk of developing a mental health issue is that facing marriage as a child could act as a' trauma or stressor' that serves to precipitate the problem to develop

However, there were some important factors that the study did not consider such as the amount of marriages that were forcefully made which could trigger anxiety or other external pressures outside of the marriage such as job stresses that could equally have been the cause for any health issues.

I feel that now is the appropriate time to advertise a film due out this week with an aptly named title… Crazy, Stupid, Love. I doubt it’ll give you any tips but it could serve as a distraction for a couple of hours and it’s bound to make you laugh.

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