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App that aids young parents

By Baby Blogger Kate Richards
Recently I wrote about the low proportion of parents who have attended a first aid course, and how many parents feel they would struggle to cope in a medical crisis (me included).

Since then I've found out about a new app that has lifesaving advice for children and babies - the Baby and Child First Aid app - from the charity British Red Cross. It has a range of useful videos, clear advice, a 'test yourself' quiz section, and is compatible with the Apple iPhone, iPad, Apple iPod Touch and Android tablets.

As well as teaching first aid skills so users can be prepared in advance, it offers instant help if a child is choking, suffers an injury, or is knocked unconscious. There's also a local hospital finder covering all of the UK. It can also record a child's medication needs, allergies, and family contact details.

The app is available free at Apple's iTunes store and the Google Play marketplace. Luckily most of the information and videos are stored on the app, so no internet connection is needed.

I'm finding it easy to use and I'm learning a lot, although it is a bit frightening to think of a medical emergency happening to one of my boys. Nevertheless, I know, like many parents in a recent British Red Cross survey, I would feel more capable with the support of first aid advice.

Joe Mulligan, of the British Red Cross, says: "Our studies show that 70% of parents have taken their baby or child to an A&E unit at some point. We want to raise parents' confidence in first aid scenarios. I think most people appreciate the value of having such potentially life-saving knowledge at their fingertips."

The charity previously made a similar app for adults, also free, which has been downloaded over half a million times. What a great use of technology!

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