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Women only bike ride!

Tara Wilkins
Your chance to be a DIVA!

 After having a few falls off of a bike when I was in my late teens, I decided that cycling probably wasn’t the sport for me!

 However, being married to a cycle enthusiast I have slowly been re-introduced into the activity, with a new bike (hooray) and I am pleased to write, only a few falls (even bigger hooray!) . The thing I like about cycling is it can be enjoyed with others or if you need a little personal head space, then what better place than in the park on your bike?

The other thing is that it can be for everyone!

Davina McCall will once again don her cycling shorts and helmet for the third women-only Action DIVA Sussex bike ride, which sets out from the East Sussex National in Uckfield, on Saturday 11th May.

 Davina says “What better way to motivate yourself to get and stay fit than to sign up for this brilliant bike ride. By doing so, you lovely ladies will be able to raise some dosh for the most amazing charity – thank you.”

 The children’s charity, Action Medical Research, uses the money from these event days to fund work around Down syndrome, epilepsy, sickle cell disease, diabetes and some rare conditions that severely effect children.

 The ride is being sponsored by leading bike brand, Trek and cyclists get to ride a “beautiful route through some of the most amazing parts of Sussex countryside” says Davina.

 Riders will be provided with plenty of rest stops, a fully-serviced lunch along with staff riders, first aiders and even massage therapists! If that’s not incentive enough, I don’t know what is! It will cost you £28 to sign up for the event and you will also need to raise a minimum of £50 in sponsorships.

For more information and to sign up then go to

 You may not be able to make the ride this year, but getting out and exercising is still important and it may even spur you on to get involved next year for this great cause.

 In the words of Davina “don’t be scared ladies, it’s amazing what you can do on a bike!”

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