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The Apprentice - what hope for women?

Laura Johnson
Never has the female contribution to The Apprentice looked so weak.

"Pack of baying hyenas" was one of the kindest phrases applied by Sir Alan to the women's team. What a contrast with last time round when the girls stormed into an early lead led by the redoubtable Melody Hossaini.

They still failed to pull it off and the wonderful Helen Milligan fell at the final hurdle, outmanoeuvred by cuty Tom (now @inventortom). But it hasn't stopped Sir Alan going back to Susan Ma, another great finalist, and putting cash into her business, according to recent reports.

It all looked so promising tonight. Great designs while the lads seemed clueless and seemed determined to turn out tat. The reality was the boys were smarter, more charming and sold a bad product better.

The result is that none of the women looks like a winner this time. That's bad news - because women can do business well.  You don't have to look further than Karren Brady. They can be smart and maybe there's someone lurking in this week's lacklustre line-up who can do the job.

Let's hope so - because tonight's showing is bad for the sisterhood.


Laura J said...

Oops got one wrong. Bye-bye Maria

Laura J said...

Looking like another catastrophe tonight #theapprentice

Charlotte said...

If Sugar uses his power to make multiple firings, it could be a short series

LJ said...

Oh dear! #theapprentice

LJ said...

Three women in the boardroom again. #theapprentice

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