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Clock change could result in a change in health

Stacey Collins  
It is when you begin to see the ice cream vans trundling along with their enticing ‘you know you want a Mr Whippy with raspberry sauce and Cadbury’s flake’ music tinkling away that the weather must be warm enough to warrant the ice cream sellers the excuse to go out selling. The sunny days, lighter nights and longer days are already beginning to grace us with their presence and after the clock change on Sunday, we can certainly hope that it continues up until the end of the summer. I can’t promise anything though.

Although the premise of brighter evenings due to putting the clocks forward an hour is an enjoyable one, some scientists from the University of Alabama have reported that getting up for work after the clocks go forward can be bad for your health. That’s another thing to add to the already lengthy list of 'Things that scientists have said are bad for you'.

According to the scientists, the abrupt change to a person’s daily schedule could increase the risk of having a heart attack by 10 per cent whereas the changing of clocks back in October has been said to decrease the risk of a heart attack by 10 per cent.

Professor Martin Young from the University of Alabama declared that the increased risk of a heart attack could be accountable to a number of factors including lack of sleep, the body’s circadian clock and/or immune responses. He has recommended that in order to combat the risks, people should try and wake up 30 minutes earlier this Saturday and Sunday, refrain from drinking alcohol, exercise in the mornings over the weekend and the advice that I'm sure you'll enjoy more than the other suggestions, eat a good-size breakfast.

Despite the extra hour of daylight in the evenings, the BBQs, late evening walks and the generally improved social life, with risks as big as the threat of a heart attack, you have to question whether daylight saving is really worth it anymore.

So without hesitation, I’m off to have a nap in preparation for the clock change now. Sweet dreams.

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And yet again the girls are useless this week - not worth another article. Katie Wright showing potential however - Maria may come through! Laura

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