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Jim's leadership skills certainly not premium

Stacey Collins
Last week’s Apprentice premium magazine task frustrated me. I felt like I wanted to interrupt the programme, go up to Susan Ma, give her a microphone and tell her to make her opinion heard.

Whilst I understand that having Jim ‘blagger’ as your project manager must induce ‘mouse syndrome’ in which you feel you aren’t confident enough to voice your views assertively, surely if it is Lord Sugar one is trying to impress, Jim’s opinion shouldn’t matter.

I was also frustrated that Lord Sugar didn’t sweeten the ending by writing off Jim. Despite calling him a strong contender last week, Jim’s lack of unilateral ideas, inability to accept blame and his passive aggressive form of dealing with fellow contestants and business customers should mean that he doesn't make the final cut. Even Nick Hewer thinks Jim is a ‘bit creepy’ and severely lacking in his Irish charm.

Natasha ‘Lads’ magazines are about lads, yeah’ Scribbens has also been on the end of Nicks' firing line after he said he finds her thigh tensing and her habit of finalising every sentence with a ‘yeah’ rather annoying. Although slightly perturbed by the fact that Nick has been studying Natasha’s thighs, we think his criticism of her ability to make every sentence into a question is a fair one, yeah?

Tomorrow’s episode will see the contestants taking a bit of Britain to the French market. And the ultimate question; who will Lord Sugar be saying ‘Tu es viré!’ to at the end of the episode? After watching the short clip provided on the BBC The Apprentice page, I doubt we will be exclaiming Sacré bleu in surprise if it is Susan.

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