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The big baby review

By Baby Blogger Kate Richards
Wow, doesn't time fly! I've just had a letter from the health visitors inviting Ben to his eight to 12 month review. These "bigger baby" reviews seem to happen any time from six to 12 months, or even not at all, in different parts of the country depending on funding. Ben will be nine and a half months when it happens.

So I've done some research and discovered that he will be weighed and checked against a "normal" weight chart.
This should be fine, he was just under the 50 per cent line a few weeks ago. After that there'll be a series of "tests", eek!

They check:

- is the child sitting up by themselves/crawling/cruising yet? (yes)
- can the child pick up an object as small as a raisin (I think so, although I don't often give him very small things)
- is the child interested in their surroundings? (a bit hard to test, I would've thought)
- can the child transfer an object from one hand to the other? (yes)
- are they trying to communicate with others? (not sure really... he does have babbling "conversations" with us)
- do they show happiness when a close family member enters the room? (yes, he's over the moon when Daddy comes home)
- are they eating with a spoon? (yes, a lot)
- what does baby drink? (breastmilk and formula)
- what foods is baby eating? (almost everything, pureed)
- am I cleaning baby's teeth once a day yet? (no teeth!)
- are there smokers at home? (no)

I'm hoping that they will measure his height, because to my knowledge it's never been checked. However, I didn't notice his head being measured straight after being born, so I'm not the most reliable source.

I'll give an update on his performance next time.

Link to details of the child review

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