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Our obsession with the young

As a new child prodigy/fashionista Cecilia Cassini aged just 11 years old materialises into the international public eye we have to wonder where on earth we are storing all of these celebrities. Is there a filing cabinet somewhere overflowing with star profiles of actors, sport stars, singers, dancers and politicians and as soon as someone else emerges a Z-list or aging celebrity is thrown out to make room? ‘Goodbye Gareth Gates, see you later Cheeky Girls, we’ve got to make room for Cecilia Cassini.’
Child celebrities are often met with mixed perceptions. The optimistic will watch young stars such as Cecilia Cassini the ‘Mozart of Fashion’ who has dressed A-listers Miley Cyrus and Kelly Osbourne and hope that she follows in the path of the grounded Tavi Gevinson, a self-proclaimed style rookie who started out aged 11. The pessimists amongst us are never surprised when a child star quickly becomes a teenage minion after being found in possession of a substance slightly stronger than popping candy.

But what is it that fuels our obsession with child stars? You only need to look at the amount of press coverage and the fandom of celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan and Miley Cyrus to see how much impact a young star can have.

Some find comfort in their own failures at attaining fame by living out their childhood aspirations through child celebrities; some find it extraordinary that a child should possess that much talent; some enjoy the realisation that celebrities are not infallible as they attempt to escape their very public life through drugs and violence; and some are bitter and think ‘that should have been me’.

Whatever the reason may be, there will never be a shortage of child stars or a shortage of public interest in them. The internet now has the power to give young talent (and I use the word ‘talent’ lightly in some cases) such as Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black celebrity status and a whole new life in the public eye just over one night.

Perhaps if I were to sing a song about how today is sunny, sunny but tomorrow will be rainy, rainy, oo-ooh-ooh, yeah, I could be replacing Heather Mills in the Cabinet of Celebrities.

Here is the link to the Cecilia Cassini's celebrity photopage:

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