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'Get Ready for Summer'

It’s that time of year where I suddenly come to the realisation that I have been going out of the house without wearing a coat for the past week or so which must excitingly mean that Spring is finally, fully here. I even become angry at my subconscious for making the transition clothing-wise from Winter to Spring without informing me- ‘You knew it was Spring, why didn’t you say?’ I guess seeing people swapping their snow boots for sandals and turtlenecks for t-shirts as a result of that British optimism we share when the slightest bit of sun appears should have been a reliable indication. The onset of hay fever should have also been another clue.

By the time Spring rears its beautiful face, people are already thinking about the summertime, and most importantly, booking holidays. This thought is then quickly ensued by panic and hysterics as people realise that they are expected to have smooth stomachs and toned thighs which isn’t helped by the fact that National Doughnut Week is quickly approaching and that has to be celebrated because it’s for charity, right?

Well if you find yourself unhappy with your figure, you’re not alone.
A report recently carried out by NHS Choices asked 403 women in the UK if they were happy with their bikini body and a massive 86% of women said no with most women least happy with their stomach and thighs.

In order to combat the fitness fatigue NHS Choices have introduced their Get Ready for Summer program which invites the nation to get involved in getting fit for the summer. The plan offers free health and fitness tips, advice, support and a boost in confidence for those trying to get a healthy body for the summer.

So if you’re trying to tone up your stomach for a holiday in eight weeks time but find yourself tucking into a Butterscotch Fudge Krispy Kreme with the excuse that National Doughnut Week starts on the 7th May, step away from the doughnut and head on over to Get Ready for Summer. Just don’t forget to ask for a Piña Colada from the man who is admiring your beach body when you’re sunbathing in your itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini.

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