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New Year, New Resolutions

Stacey Collins
Hands up if you started this year with every intention of 2011 being the year that you actually stuck to your New Year’s resolutions, yet somehow, yet again, that chocolate HobNob just managed to attach itself
to your cup of coffee (that has already been made Irish), the gym… well you can’t be bothered to walk there and world peace…maybe tomorrow?

Do not fret- you are not alone. Some research recently carried out by Sainsbury’s has shown that if you decided to diet as a New Year’s resolution, 42% of us will only last 2-4 weeks. With statistics that dire, I might as well give up now.

If you are also tempted to forgo making guilt laden resolutions with the knowledge that a resolution to make no more resolutions would be more sensible, you may be interested to hear that finding the perfect date could improve your chances of commitment.

Unfortunately, I’m not discussing that bloke with the chiselled jaw line and smouldering eyes you just happened to notice in line at the puppy rehabilitation centre; I’m talking the 15th of January.

Research has proven that if a diet is begun on this date, rather than at the start of January, 45% of us will bind ourselves to our healthy eating plan for six weeks or more.

Well-known psychologist Dr. Linda Papadopoulos has said ‘Brits struggle to change eating habits at the start of January as they find it stressful going back to work and getting the kids back to school not to mention coping with the worry of Christmas credit cards and bills.’

So whilst early January psychological strains and financial worries can lead us to the valleys of Turkish Delight or into the welcoming arms of other cheap and cheerful carbohydrates, a mid-January diet could be more effective and kinder to the purse strings.

It’s After Eight (a.m.), so Revel in your Bounty of chocolate and Snicker and Malteaser those who are attempting early dieting. You’re not Flake-ing out, or avoiding the Crunch-ie, just taking Time Out and being a Smartie until the right moment.

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