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Breast-feeding review pledge

Laura Johnson
British health officials have promised to review official guidance on breast-feeding following criticisms from one medical expert.

The criticism of the British breast-feeding policy provoked a furious row last week. Midwives say it undermined efforts to encourage women not to resort to formula milk.

But some doctors say many babies can begin weaning before six months.

The UK government said it currently stands by its six months policy.

Official advice says women should breast-feed for six months. It was recently extended from four months.

A spokesman for the Department of Health said: "Breast milk provides all the nutrients a baby needs up to six months of age and we recommend exclusive breastfeeding for this time.

"Mothers who wish to introduce solids before six months should always talk to health professionals first."

The department said a review of infant feeding had been requested in September - and the latest findings would be included.

In last week's report Dr Mary Fewtrell, of the UCL Institute of Child Health, London, claimed extended breast-feeding increased the risk of food allergies and iron deficiency.

News report on the row last week

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