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Hush, All You Adults

Stacey Collins
Trouble sleeping at night? Have you ever tried listening to music to help induce a bountiful night of sleep? If you are, then you’re part of the 84 per cent of adults that also listen to music before bedtime.

We’ve all heard of the different methods
 that can be used to help us to unwind at the end of the day including ewe counting and taking a warm bath but what about listening to a spot of Coldplay or Mozart before hitting the hay?

A survey carried out by Travelodge on 6,000 female and male adults revealed that fifteen per cent of adults stated that they get a better night’s sleep if they listen to music before nodding off.

Britons voted that it was Chris Martin’s soft-rock tones that was first on their iSleep playlist with Canadian jazz and swing artist Michael Buble following in second place and Scottish/Irish band Snow Patrol taking the third spot of transporting people to slumberland.

So what lull inducing effects does music have? As 75 per cent of us are kept awake at night by stress, music can help you unwind and re-focus your attention on relaxing your body and mind. It has also been reported that music aids people to fall asleep in a shorter time and sleep for longer with fewer night time wake-ups.

With 13 per cent of Britons reporting that they have nicer dreams when falling asleep listening to music, Robbie Williams's Lazy Days may just be bumped up on my kip list.

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