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Don't Give Up Africa

Stacey Collins
The word Africa conjures up images of drought, disease and death to the majority of us. These negative connotations are frequently encouraged by the media who bombard us with pictures of skeletal bodies and stories of war crimes.

However, the latest campaign by Bono has attempted not to dwell on the saddening and sombre aspects of African poverty to guilt people into giving money.
Instead he has provided people with an alternative way of giving money to those who need it more- trade. Your money for clothing. And not just any clothing but a clothing line that Bono, real name Paul David Hewson, and his wife, Ali Hewson have co-designed with Rogan, an established designer with his own organic clothing line.

The Hewson’s clothing line, EDUN has collaborated with Louis Vuitton to produce non-sackcloth, ethical clothing that will benefit African farmers. Last week saw Paris hold The Africa Rising Art Exhibition which showcased New African Art and a selection of EDUN’s fashionable, fairtrade apparel.

Star guests including Naomi Campbell, Alexandra Richards and Alexa Chung made an appearance at the exhibition in order to support EDUN and their cause.

Set up in 2005, EDUN, nude spelt backwards, aimed to produce a clothing brand that was desirable to consumers whilst providing prolongable payment to the workers in Africa. It wasn't until they partnered with Louis Vuitton’s parent company LVMH after a chance meeting at a lunch together that the business really did rise.

With the clothes available at Saks Fifth Avenue stores nationwide and starting at $45, maybe U2 can do a little to help a lot.

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