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Number one child reaches two

By Baby Blogger Kate Richards 
Ben has just turned two, and my little baby is quite definitely no longer a baby, in fact he's very nearly a big brother.

I actually think that once things have settled down and he's used to not getting all my attention, he'll love being the eldest. He'll enjoy being slightly better at everything and teaching little (name yet to be revealed) all about the world.

Now he's in his third year of life, I'm seeing major changes in him, and predicting many more on the horizon. He even looks much more like a little boy and his speech is coming together rapidly. Because he can say and understand more, things seem slightly easier than they have been for the last six months or so, at least if you ignore certain minor "hiccups" such as the biting and screaming.

Ok, maybe not so minor! But unless I've got a bad case of rose-tinted glasses, I'd say he hasn't had a proper tantrum yet, he just gets overexcited sometimes. I'm sure tantrums are due soon though, so I've done a bit of reading up.

The good news is that apparently it can all be over - angry, sad and happy again - in just a few minutes. But the bad news is that many two year olds have at least one tantrum a day. Aggression is normal apparently, especially when a new sibling arrives (oh dear), and they shouldn't be left alone together just in case (eeek!) Bedtime could become tricky, and he might develop a strong emotional attachment to "the way things ought to be" which could trigger further tantrums.

On the plus side, he's trying hard to become more independent: dressing himself, cutting up food and cleaning his own teeth. How long until he can take over the laundry, I wonder?!

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