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Elixir of mental stability

Stacey Collins    
There always seem to be new studies telling us women what we should and shouldn’t eat in order gain blemish free skin or to avoid gaining cellulite - but the most recent study offers an ingredient that could provide us with an elixir of life/ mental stability.

Ok, elixir of life may be a little melodramatic and Harry Potter-esque but scientists have found that by eating high amounts of blueberries and strawberries in later life, female mental decline could be delayed by up to two and a half years. It is thought that these effects which could help in delaying the onset of dementia symptoms, derive from the berry fruit’s high content of flavonoids and antioxidant compounds which can protect against a wide range of diseases.

The study by a US research team has been on-going since 1976 and has involved 121,700 female nurses between the age of 30 and 55. Of course, the study’s statement that the increase in the consumption of berries in order to help stave off cognitive decline is simply too good to be completely clause free. Authors of the study could not rule out the possibility that the women who ate more berries did not also have other healthy habits, such as exercising, which may have had some factor to play in the overall findings.

As the participants in the study were all women, we have no idea if men can gain anything from this luscious diet.

Regardless of any other considerations, if anything, this study offers women everywhere the excuse to melt that Dairy Milk, spear the strawberries on a fork and get dipping.

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