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Have you done your Christmas shopping yet?

Forget dating websites or social meet-ups to find out about a person’s character; Christmas time allows for the perfect opportunity for personality analysis. There is just one question that need be asked to find out about someone’s personality… Have you done your Christmas shopping yet?
Type A will close their eyes, nod their head and tap their foot impatiently having already pre-empted what you was going to say before smirking and replying that they had finished their shopping for this year on December 26th. This person is what we would call organised. Type B will wipe away sweat from their brow as they struggle to balance under the weight of the shopping bags holding their newly bought presents. This type probably refers to the majority of us. Type C will carry a frenzied look about them, impatiently checking their watch as though they have the ability to freeze time. This is a disorganised person whose New Year’s resolution will be the same as many years before; to become more organised.

Whether you are Type A, B, or C you may be surprised to hear that the average Brit will walk (or maybe run if you’re Type C) more than a marathon doing their Christmas shopping this year with an average of 30 miles covered per Christmas shopper.

The study by the Sanctuary revealed that Christmas shopping is much like a sport in the effect it has on your body physically. One in five sustains back injuries most likely from the arduous hour and a half spent queuing per day to pay for the Christmas goods and forty per cent suffer from headaches after their lengthy shopping trip.

Mind you, if shopping does become an official sport, I may just be a contender for the 2012 Olympics.

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