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My separation anxiety

Ben had a great time with his dad for
a couple of days. Photo: models
By Baby Blogger Kate Richards
Recently I spent two nights away from Ben, visiting old friends. It was a very strange feeling - we hadn't spent a night apart since he was born 14 months ago. He stayed at home with my husband, who predictably called on his mum to help. They had a great time, and he has a new-found respect for me, which is a wonderful side-effect.

On arriving home, I got a long cuddle then everything returned more-or-less to normal. Ben was more clingy for a day or so, and a bit more fussy about eating, bathing and nappy changes.

The only slight hitch occurred in my own mind. To begin with, as I drove away I felt pretty guilty. This eased off over a few hours, but I was constantly aware of what he'd be doing and felt especially nervous as bedtime approached. Would he be able to wind down enough with Daddy, who is a much more active and fun playmate than me? Would he miss me, even cry for me?

As it turned out, he settled down just a few minutes later than usual and actually slept through the night, which is a rare event.

On the second day, busy gallivanting around London and chatting to my friend (another escapee from motherhood), I found that I was think of home less and less. In fact, I could clearly remember how it felt to take my freedom for granted - making a cup of tea and actually drinking it, walking up and downstairs without a 25 pound toddler or mountains of washing in my arms, taking a shower without stopping to provide new and exciting bottles for distraction.

So of course it came as a bit of a shock when I returned to full-time responsibility. Luckily, he is still both the cleverest and cutest baby in the world!

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