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Happy World Food Day

Stacey Collins
Happy Blog Action Day/World Food Day! Today is the day that bloggers unite across the globe to talk about food. It’s no secret that I am a big see-food fan (I see food and eat…all of it) and so this topic appealed to me, especially as it’s for a good cause. In fact, it's an issue that could not only affect countries away such as Africa or India, but an issue we could all face in the future.

Agencies such as Oxfam, Action Aid, Greenpeace International and One have teamed up with VOICE blogging project on this World Food Day to encourage the world to talk about what’s on their plate. Blog Action Day is an annual event and has previously seen amalgamated global blog posts about topics such as climate change and poverty.

Blog Action Day hoped for discussions surrounding the ongoing food crisis and how we might best change the international food system. Items such as maize are expected to double in price by 2050 as the earth’s population is predicted to soar to 9 billion resulting in food shortages. And before you think a shortage of maize won’t affect you, look up what foods you can find maize in. Let’s just say Frosty the Tiger could be out of a job, as could Ronald McDonald as maize is often used to feed animals. Without change, it is suspected that the demand for food will increase by 70% in just 39 years’ time as growth rates continue to decline in agricultural fields.

The Founder of Innovation Labs at Oxfam said that food is something we all have in common and so hopefully bloggers will be made more aware of the issues we face by food related blogs which will spread the message and get people thinking about solutions.

Last years’ theme on water saw 5,600 bloggers from 143 different countries and 40 million readers discussing a range of water issues and the hope is that by the end of today, a similar number will be reached to increase awareness.

Well here’s another blog you can add to your final count, Blog Action Day.

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