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Bananas get baby bubbling

Kate Richards
As Ben will be six months this week, I've started to give him some solids - a real milestone! A couple of weeks ago I began to try him on fruit and vegetable purees, with baby rice. He loved banana, and in fact most things, but wasn't so keen on mango. At the beginning he only had a spoonful or so, once a day.
Now he's up to a small bowlful twice a day, he just keeps opening his mouth for more.

 Luckily he doesn't mind if it's not reheated, he'll even eat food straight from the fridge, very convenient. The process hasn't been very messy as we've had no spitting out, but I'm sure that'll change when he starts feeding himself.

So far, it's been about half and half homemade and bought food. You can buy several brands of pure fruit and veg with nothing added, and often organic too (that's my excuse for not making all of it!).

He's still having just as many milk feeds, in fact I've been trying to feed him up as he's slipped down the dreaded growth charts. After three weeks of feeding more often he'd moved up a little (to the 25 per cent line). The problem is, he's so interested in the world around him that he loses concentration. I now have to feed him in his bedroom with very low lighting and no toys within reach.

So this week, I'm planning to give him chicken and vegetable puree. He will also be given fish, eggs and perhaps lentils or beans. I'll be adding a bit of butter, cream or cheese too, for extra calories.

My hope is that this heavier food will see him through the night. Six months of night feeds is quite enough! I'll just have to cross my fingers and wait to see if the plan works.

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