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Tara Wilkins
Everyone’s heard of the old saying “There’s no I in Team” and scientists have set out to prove just that. The British Science Festival will be in Birmingham, UK, from the 14th -19th of September and this year the festival features some interesting studies about the science of business - mostly revolving around the relationship between a boss and their team of staff.

In a successful team there has to be good communication, mutual respect, support and hopefully you’ll all be aiming for the same goal. Without these factors it’s hardly worth calling it a team.

At the head of the team stands the boss. Most bosses take it upon themselves to lead from the very front, keeping a slight distance between themselves and their staff. But research that will be presented at the British Science Festival suggests the opposite.

Researchers believe to be an effective leader it’s best to make decisions with your workforce and not on your own. Leaders should also have some common ground and should be identified with their staff; this could lead to a more trusting team as we all like to know we’re being led in the right direction.

I’m sure I’m not the only who thinks it makes perfect sense for the boss to have a common ground with the staff; not so much that he or she has little authority but just enough so that workers don’t feel like they’re back in a classroom.

Although we don’t like to admit it, we’re probably more alike with our bosses than we think - we go home to family, probably have pets and enjoy a glass of wine; so if we’re the same outside of work there must be some room for us to be the same inside of work.

No matter what your role in the office is there is sure to be something of interest happening at the British Science Festival. To book yourself in go to and see for yourself how your job or business can change.

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