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Kate Richards
As I'm almost half-way through my pregnancy, I thought I'd look back at the highs and lows so far.

Getting a positive result on the test was a wonderful moment. I took a while to sink in, but soon I was walking round with a glowy feeling and a special secret.

Telling my GP made it more "real", and telling my friends (on Facebook, naturally!) caused a huge response and put me back in touch with some distant acquaintances. My family were very excited by the news, despite my sister already having three children.

Seeing the first scan and hearing the heartbeat were also great moments, although I'd been very nervous beforehand. Since I felt it move at about 18 weeks, my worries are almost silenced.

Now for the low points... Luckily there are not so many, but I have missed eating blue cheese and boiled eggs with runny yolks. The mushroom aversion (previously mentioned) wasn't great, but now they're banned it's not a problem.

Over the past couple of weeks I've started to feel achy twinges every so often, usually if I stand up quickly. I believe this is due to muscles expanding and relaxing. I've also become more itchy, which could be my skin stretching. I enjoy having an obvious bump, but I'm not liking the overall expansion, particularly being a classic English pear to start with. On the other hand I realise this is healthy and I've gained the recommended weight so far, heading for the recommended 22-28lb by 40 weeks (but many women who go outside this range have healthy babies).

Getting up every night to visit the bathroom is manageable, however the classic pregnancy insomnia may well be on its way, along with enormous list of other potential issues. All I can do is trust my body to know what it's doing!

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