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Kathryn Kearns
As more and more celebrity couples air their dirty laundry on TV, we see wives and girlfriends in emotional turmoil deciding whether they should stay with their cheating partners or end it completely but what makes them want to stay?
Of course we know this, it’s Love, but when a partner really wrongs us and we still forgive them, it begs the question as to whether Love is really a good thing...

You may know the drill, your best friend who you usually see most days meets someone, they talk about him non-stop and ring you to ask you for advice until one day, they just stop texting. They are no longer free on your usual Saturday nights out, they just seem to disappear off the end of the earth and when they do come out of hibernation they bring the other one with them like a new Prada bag, it’s as though they’ve been sewn together at the hip, and you're left with a cocktail to share with yourself.

Sound familiar?

Don’t blame them though, love makes people act strange like when you really fall in love with someone yet find yourself sat at home on a Saturday night while your friends are out living it up because your boyfriend ‘doesn’t like them’. You think it’s easier if you just stay home because he’ll just be texting you every half an hour.  In this instance does love seem so great?

And is it really Love?

Sometimes I take a strong disliking to love or more the idea of love. It gets such a great reputation from the media, card and candy companies and, yes, by the people who are in it, that it often makes people believe in it to the point where they push aside everything to make room for this thing, or in other cases make themselves unhappy.

In theory, I’m in it, but due to the trouble I have had due to this thing called love I have gained the ability to think outside the metaphorical heart shaped box. Yes, love can be grand, make you walk with a spring in your step and live like nothing else in the world matters, but I say is the latter of this sentence a good thing?

The notion that love is blind is not a myth, and in a lot of cases it can make you believe you are in that blissful state when really it couldn’t be further from the truth. So you go through life thinking you are in love, while your other half is off sleeping with all of sundry, meanwhile you are missing out. Part of you knows this but the rest refuses to accept this because you are in love, apparently.

Not only is this extremely damaging to the soul, but it is a waste of life, a waste of youth, and if you decide to leave this guy it will be another big fat regret in your life. So tell me again why love is a good thing?

What about the girl who forgets her friends to go and swim in the waves of love, only to discover that it’s a treacherous ocean that is dragging her out to dangerous waters? Your friends are unable to offer you a lifejacket or a raft as you have left them home and dry.

It’s a scary prospect but more often than not, this happens. It’s happened to me, but I’m lucky enough that my friends forgave me and I have never done it again.

It’s a horrible feeling being trapped, especially when it is love that’s trapping you. The worst thing is that nothing can be done, because that’s love. You’ve just got to hope that when you do fall in love, it’s real, because then... love is wonderful. (Just make sure your friends have a life jacket nearby.)
Kathryn Kearns

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