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Have you noticed? Valentine's Day is on a Sunday - and that means it's going to need some organisation.

Here's our top five tips for beating the Sunday surge - and that includes taking advantage of  it to get yourself a great weekend :

1/ There's no post on Sunday - so there is absolutely no chance of your surprise card being delivered by the postie. You have a choice.

You can get up at the crack of dawn and slip it through your beloved's letter-box. Or you can send it electronically - simply create a new on-line mail account called something like sweetheart12345678. But why be a cheapskate? Order some flowers and have them delivered!

2/ You've persuaded your beloved to take you out for an intimate meal accompanied by red wine, preceded by red roses and followed by chocolates. If he's meant to be booking, you may have a problem. Unless he books now - or even yesterday - you won't get a table. What to do! Why not make your own secret booking? When he says he can't find anywhere, say you'll make a couple of calls and that you've found a cancellation.

3/ The day after Sunday is Monday. You'll enjoy your evening more if you book Monday off now and if you persuade your beloved to do the same.

4/ Better still make it a Valentine's weekend. Have your intimate meal on Friday, go for a country walk together on Saturday and spend Sunday in bed, avoiding the rush.

5/ You've got kids and can't get a baby-sitter? This is when Sunday's a really great day for Valentine's Day. First find a night when you can get a baby-sitter and make that your night out. Then plan a frenetically energetic day for the kids on Sunday. Take them for a walk somewhere with hills and make them run up and down the slopes - making sure you don't have to run after them. Then pack them off to bed early and have an intimate evening in together.

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Anonymous said...

Wouldn't flowers be a little OTT from a secret admirer?

Ed said...

Good point! How about some ideas for tags for emails from a secret admirer. And how do you make sure the email doesn't look like spam? Include some personal info?

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