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Living with your parents?

Stacey Collins 
By the tender age of 8, had you planned out your whole life including the features of your husband-to-be, the age you got married and the sexes of your 2.4 children? Here’s another question, how many of you achieved your scheduled life plan within the age limits you set yourself? I know I haven’t.

In fact, according to a survey commissioned by Skipton Building Society, the average British adult is up to 19 years behind schedule with their life plan - as the majority of people who had hoped to have achieved their goals by their twenties actually accomplish them by their late thirties or early forties.

Researchers found that millions of people have struggled to reach significant milestones such as owning a house, starting a family and getting married. The report suggests that an incredible 48 per cent of people are still officially single by the time they reach 40 years of age. It is thought that the recession is partly to blame as mortgages and finances are, it is claimed (it is the Skipton Building Society after all), the key barriers to goal achievement.

It was once regarded as being a little shameful to still be living with your parents at the age of 25 but this study found that 13 per cent of adults are still living with their mum and dad by the age of 40. Whilst having a party around your parents who are sat watching Upstairs, Downstairs may be far from ideal, the lack of jobs and appeal of hot food, freshly prepared washing and rent free accommodation could be the reason so many adults are still living at home.

Tracy Fletcher from Skipton Building Society has stated that there is nothing wrong with thinking and preparing for the future. However as the cost of living increases, Fletcher suggests that people look at their own personal circumstances and take time to plan financially for the future no matter how little spare cash they may have so that “whatever the opportunities life throws your way, you’re in the best possible position to grasp them.”

If that means still living at home by the age of 40, so be it.

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Laura J said...

Nice piece Stacey. So true

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