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Battle of the sexes

Stacey Collins  
Four weeks in - and already the eighth series of The Apprentice doesn’t seem to be in the girls' favour as Wednesday’s firing saw Lord Sugar show Jane from Ireland the door.

The challenge set for the hopefuls was to set up their own second hand junk shop in the diverse and unique Brick Lane. Whilst project manager Tom went for a more minimalistic approach with only 50 objects in the shop, project manager of Stirling, Laura went for over 200 pieces with most of them experiencing some ‘up-cycling’ from creative contestant Gabrielle. However, the cost of the material bought to create the ‘Shabby chic’ look resulted in a rubbish end for team Stirling.

Successful female  Apprentice

 - Stella English
The previously pleasant atmosphere turned nasty between the girls in the boardroom as blame was shifted onto Gabrielle and her lack of thought in the costing of the purchasing of material and paint. Perhaps a more cost effective way of upholstering would have been to utilise the curtains from the house they practically stripped when finding objects for their Brick Lane shop.

Despite the barrage of criticism from Laura, who has been dubbed the new Samantha Brick after her ‘being an attractive business woman can have its ups and downs’ comment, Gabrielle firmly stuck to her guns and it was feisty Jane and her pushy selling techniques who was the third woman to be fired after just four episodes.

Although it’s still early in the process, there doesn’t appear to be any strong female contestants to measure up against the likes of Stella English or Yasmina Siadatan, winners from previous series. This may be controversial, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a male contestant becomes Lord Sugar’s business partner this year. I suppose it is their turn….


LJ said...

The men seem more efficient than the women this time. There's usually someone who makes it through to the final who you don't expect - so there's still hope for the ladies!

Laura J said...

Definitely time for a bloke to walk tonight #apprentice

Charlotte said...

How many women are left?#theapprentice

LJ said...

And another woman bites the dust... #apprentice

LJ said...

Wondering whether Gabrielle can beat the trend tonight? #apprentice

Laura said...

Through by the skin of her teeth - but Sir Alan doesn't look impressed. Expect to see her in the finals, I think

LJ said...

It looks like Stella has sadly come a cropper. Always wondered how real this show was. See more here

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