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Time to deal with New Year irresolution

Stacey Collins 
I’m going to play a guessing game with you. I bet that I can guess your New Year’s resolutions for the year 2012, and also for the last twenty years of your life. Resolution number one was to start eating healthier, resolution number two was to start doing more exercise, resolution three was to do all you can to try and find your true love and resolution four was to move out of your parent’s house. Do I win a prize?

Does anyone actually stick to their resolutions though? Last year, I was determined to see that I kept my resolution of going to the gym throughout the year but managed a mere two and a half months, which I have to admit has been the longest I’ve ever stuck to a resolution.

Why do we struggle so much? The idea of a New Year being a new start is often the main problematic factor as people expect to feel brand new, shiny, optimistic and ready to combat anything that may be thrown in their path when the 1st of January arrives. However, New Year’s Day is often filled with hangovers, regret from the night before and an overwhelming feeling of depression at the high expectations you’ve now got to attempt to achieve.

 Rather than adhere to this meaningless ritual of setting ourselves up for failure, should we not instead focus on realistic and practical targets such as sticking to just one chocolate bar a day - rather than resolution number one of never eating a drop of chocolate ever again?

Perhaps I’m being too sceptical; I agree there is nothing wrong with setting out to motivate and improve yourself. Even a prominent figure such as Rupert Murdoch has taken to his newly set-up Twitter account to reveal his resolutions of maintaining humility, curiosity and dieting. However, a resolution to steer clear of phones might have been more appropriate. Then came the recent news that a verified account claiming to be Murdoch’s wife, Wendi Deng, was in fact a fake.
Maybe Twitter should also think about making a resolution which states ‘We must research diligently before awarding sparkly, blue ticks’.

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