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Naughty or adventurous?

By Baby Blogger Kate Richards 
I'm starting to wonder whether some of Ben's more "challenging" behaviour could now be described as naughty, or whether it's still just adventurous curiosity.

He went through a stage of biting at about 14 months, and now, at 16 months he's just doing it occasionally. Except I do think he is developing a sense of mischievousness, because he definitely understands the word no, and I occasionally catch a cheeky grin on his face.

I'm sure a lot of his slightly dangerous (and annoying) habits, such as climbing onto the toilet cistern, trying to get into the fireplace, and general exploring, are just innocent inquisitiveness. But nowadays he's aware of what I'm trying to do - change his nappy, get him dressed, put him in the highchair - and purposely tries to escape.

And he remembers the things I've previously told him to stop doing. I'm not certain, but I suspect he's clever enough to notice when I'm not looking and take the opportunity to chew something off-limits, or play with the toilet brush.

He's generally fine with other toddlers, but today he did run up to one of his friends and push him over. I was very apologetic and quite surprised, but I don't think it was aggressive, more likely an extension of his active play with Daddy.

Mini-tantrums have also occurred, although he's still susceptible to distraction before things get too bad. It's only happened once in public so far, but proved expensive, as I had to buy him a can of coke (which he didn't drink of course) just to get him in the pushchair!

I'm trying my best to stay calm. Usually I stop trying to do whatever it is, and try again after a minute or two. How on earth parents cope with more than one child, I have no idea!

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