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Ben feeds himself

By Baby Blogger Kate Richards
So now, at 11 months, Ben's eating pretty much everything we eat. He still needs to avoid honey (tiny risk of botulism), added salt, and things he could choke on like nuts, but most other foods have gone down well.
He loves his baby biscuits, which have reduced salt levels, and is currently wolfing down Cheerios. They have added vitamins, but he's probably not at any risk of deficiency as he has formula milk too, and a wide range of fruit and vegetables.

Strangely, although I think the baby food I buy in jars doesn't taste as good as home-made, Ben seems to prefer it. I try not to be offended! It might be slightly easier to swallow, as the jars tend to have a lot of added water.

It's quite exciting to see him feeding himself - with biscuits, rice cakes and breadsticks - but it does make me wonder "where did my little baby go?" He's not really got the hang of drinking unassisted though, he won't tip the cup high enough. Maybe after the hundredth try he'll get there.

Just last night he popped out another tooth (that explains the 3am waking). He's very keen on showing off his new "thhh" sound. No actual words yet, I've still got my fingers crossed for Mummy, or Mamma, which he's a bit closer to.

All this food hasn't helped his hair grow though, I've still got the baldest baby around. I think it's looking blonde, but quite hard to tell. Perhaps he'll sprout some in time for his first birthday in three weeks' time.

After that, the baby groups re-start for the new term. I'll be very pleased to get back to them, just need to get practicing on the baby sign language or the teacher will know I've been lazy!

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