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Ben's baby words

By Baby Blogger Kate Richards
Ben is gradually developing into a real walking, talking human in front of our eyes. His attempts at forming words are still very basic: a "mama" happens every so often, but I'm not at all sure he's referring to me. He's forming new noises all the time, for example, everything's "gak" today. Because of his new teeth - five now - he's started doing "thhh", particularly when watching Baby Jake on CBeebies.

I'm limiting his TV viewing, but unfortunately he loves it, and actually waves at the characters he recognises!

We're getting there with clapping although he's yet to make a sound with it. Other physical milestones he's reached include; crawling very fast, sometimes on one knee and one foot (never seen another baby do this), standing up against any surface and occasionally letting go for a few seconds, and walking while pushing his big blue hippo. It's hard not to laugh at this because he appears very drunk!

He's picking up, chewing, and hitting objects together, and especially loves putting things inside things and putting lids on. Simple pleasures. Cupboards and drawers are a source of wonder, the more dangerous the better. Recently, he got so keen on the dustpan and brush that I decided to put them through the dishwasher. Luckily they survived intact. Who knew?

Regarding food, anything goes (when he's not ill). Stones, moss and soil have all been tested. You'd think that once would be enough to put him off, but sadly not.

The baby groups are on summer holiday at the moment and I'm definitely looking forward to them restarting. Luckily there's a soft play centre and a park nearby, but the novelty of both has worn off somewhat. Roll on pre-school, I say! He is a fascinating little guy though.

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