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Our writer Kate Richards is overjoyed to be pregnant - but writer Kathryn Kearns suggests having children is over-rated. Being childless is as good a choice for a woman as having children, says Kathryn, arguing that too often children come into the world for the wrong reasons.

So is it a Kat-fight? We mentioned Kathryn's views to Kate.

She responded: "I think there's lots of good reasons for not having children, probably many more than for having them (e.g. they say it's the worst thing you can do for the environment). In fact I'm not sure I can think of any "sensible" reasons for having them. It would be different if we were underpopulated of course. My reason is probably a bit selfish and also a bit too vague to argue properly, which is that I have a lot of love to give and I think I could give children a good life, but in that case I could have adopted.

"So I'm not sure I could put a coherent argument forwards."

So maybe there's less disagreement than seemed at first.

Now we're inviting you to be brave, take part in our next poll and say what motivates you: to have or to have not? Ladies only, please!

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